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Voted Best Massage in Town!

Shiva’s Massage proudly offers quality massage therapy, structural therapy, and cupping services in our Dunedin location. Whether your lower back is hurting from working at the computer, you are in need of some relaxation, or you are looking for answers and solutions to your chronic pain, Shiva’s Massage offers the best in Dunedin, FL!

Your massage service is designed specifically for you and your body’s needs through the use of a variety of massage techniques, and using only organic, high-quality avocado oils.

As we guide you through a journey to balance, we can specifically target migraine headaches, piriformis syndrome, sciatic symptoms, low back, neck and shoulder pain, and much more. Our therapists have even helped some of our clients avoid surgery. 

Shiva's Massage | Best Massage Therapist in Dunedin

What our clients say about us...

Our clients love coming to Shiva’s! It is not unusual for us to hear, “That was the best massage I’ve ever had!” People love us because they know that we are dedicated to their process and they know that we are always advancing our education in different techniques to help them on a deeper level.