Best Cupping Therapy In Dunedin

Interested in cupping therapy? 

Shiva’s Massage offers a multitude of different cupping techniques like: myofascial cupping, sports cupping, massage cupping, fire cupping, magnetic cupping…even facial cupping.

We have found cupping to be a highly effective tool when it comes to helping our clients reduce their chronic pain, as  well as have longer lasting results between sessions. We have seen an increase in range of motion, allowing our clients to move more efficiently and with less pain.

Cupping for improved circulation

Cupping relaxes tight muscles, breaks down those stubborn knots, detoxifies the body, and  relieves nerve pain like sciatica, tennis elbow, golfers elbow.  

The majority of our clients are looking for a massage for back pain, headaches, knee pain, neck pain… many have certain areas that need more attention, and that is Fire Cuppingwhere the cups come into play. 

The cups add an additional element to the deep tissue massage by achieving more depth into the tissue without causing extra pain, allowing our clients to reach a state of extreme relaxation. 

The cups also draw any toxins below to the surface. This gives the body an opportunity to eliminate any potential stagnation below. This aids in the healing process by allowing fresh nutrients into the once stagnate area.

Marks left by cupping are normal.

We can tell the level of stagnation within an area based on the color of the mark left behind. The darker the mark is, the more stagnation is in the area…however, after a few sessions of cupping therapy we have noticed a decrease in intensity of these marks.

Our clients have noted a major reduction in their pain as well as better range of motion after just one cupping session added into their massage.

Our clients come from the Dunedin, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, and even the Tampa area. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about cupping therapy! Please feel free to give us a call. 727-226-7590

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