I’ve got the POWER…of Reiki!

Many of you may not know that I am a Reiki 1 therapist.

It is not something that I practice regularly, however with all of this extra time on our hands here lately, I have been rediscovering the power Reiki plays on our self-healing.

Last week I was biking my dog–she absolutely loves to run, it is her favorite thing, well, besides eating. While on our ride, my bike tire was going dangerously close to the edge of the sidewalk and the grass, not a good recipe for smaller tires. My dog, bless her heart, stopped abruptly, for the fear of being run over. End result, I went over the handlebars, ripping the skin off of the outside of my ankle. Gruesome, I know. After gathering myself and making sure Nymeria was alright we both walked back home, both of us scared and wounded (I was the one who was wounded.).

I decided to not go to the clinic or the hospital because I could still walk and it was mainly my ego that was hurt more than anything else. (I have lot of experience flying over my handlebars, unfortunately.) A few days after the incident, the ankle was starting to look worse and was beginning to get hot and swollen with redness surrounding the area. Not a good thing at all!

That night, I went to bed and as I way laying there I was reminded of my Reiki training. As I lay in the darkness, I found my connection to the source. I put my hand over the injury site and began to focus on deep breathing to further connect me to the energy. I started to feel heat building up between my hand and my ankle. The next morning I woke up and checked out the injury site. The redness had reduced and it started to itch, a classic sign of healing. Woohoo!


Two days later, remembering my experience from two nights before, decided to devote even more time and energy to my healing. I found it easier to connect my energy to the earth and the heavens and to call upon the energy from the source. I placed a hand on each side of my ankle, visualizing that I am a conduit for energy to filter through. I once again, started to feel the heat build between my hands. At one point, I even felt what I can best describe as an “energetic sucking” from the injury site on the ankle. It felt like the infection that was starting to take root beneath the tissue was literally being “sucked out”. It was really a very cool sensation to experience with myself. I also can say that I slept very well that night. The next morning, I pulled the bandage off to see the swelling had virtually disappeared, the redness reduced by at least 70%, and it even looked like the injury site decreased in size! Even the temperature of the tissue felt more normal.


My point in describing this story to you, is to show you that we all have access to this incredible healing power. Whether we are a conduit for energy to flow through or are building the power up within, we ALL HAVE THE POWER! We all have the capability to heal ourselves through our minds and our spirit. This statement goes much deeper than anything superficial when we describe the mind, as science has still not fully comprehended the full capability of our brains in action. We are all energetic beings with this extreme power to feel and perceive things. With practice, visualization, mindfulness, and sensing what lies beyond our understanding of touch blossoms our ability to find that deeper connection with ourselves and even those around us.

As the song from 1990 by SNAP! goes…”I’ve got the power!” Always remember that. The more you work on growing your own power the more you will see it flow into all areas of your life.

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