John Barnes Myofascial Release


Has the medical system given up on you? Have you been led to believe that there is no cure for your disEASE?

The actual problem could be hiding in the most forgotten system in the body, the FASCIA!

Like yarn in a sweater this continuous, fluid-like system interweaves with every single structure in the entire body, from nerves, blood vessels, organs, muscles, even down to each individual fiber. This not only keeps these things in position it cushions them as well.

John Barnes Myofascial Release

Since birth, our bodies are tested time and time again. However, we continue to prove our resilience. This testing does not come without a price. Injury, repetitive movement, traumatic events, surgery, and inflammation cause a web of issues within our fascial system that runs throughout the entire body, even down to the cellular level. The body could be showing signs of misalignment through disease and structural related problems that could be resolved through Myofascial Release. Imagine a tight rope (restrictions in the fascia) running from your ear down to the shoulder, therefore, lifting the shoulder. As a result, your body’s struggle to stay in alignment now has ropes that appear from the shoulder to the the hip. This phenomena is crushing nerves, veins and arteries, vital organs, restricting air flow, causing neck and back problems, headaches, and migraines…just a few symptoms of this tightness!

We believe that because each of us is uniquely designed, your treatment should be too. We do this by focusing on you as a whole through analyzing your posture and how the body moves by looking for areas of restriction. In order to achieve this more successfully, we ask that you bring loose fitting shorts and shirt, sports bra, and/or 2 piece bathing suit.

In this safe and very effective hands-on technique, the therapist applies gentle, sustained pressure into the fascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Each session is performed directly on the skin WITHOUT oils, creams, or machinery, so please be sure to NOT apply any oils, lotions, or creams the day of your appointment. It is also very important to be in communication with your therapist and allow the body and mind to be relaxed and open to the amazing healing to get the most from each JFB Myofascial Release session. Afterwards, your therapist will provide you with some self-care techniques to accelerate your progress even further.

We like to reserve 90 minutes for your first appointment to answer any questions that you may have about the process, and give a thorough postural and movement assessment. We would also like to invite you to be an active participant in your journey of healing. We believe that the work our therapist provides is only part of the puzzle. It is so important to regain that relationship with ourselves again, to get to know ourselves by doing the at home care in-between sessions. We also like to empower you with before and after pictures, so TOGETHER we can monitor your progress and how your care is progressing.

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