Permanent Pain Relief From Neurosomatic Therapy

Neurosomatic Therapy at Shiva's Massage | Dunedin, FL

I experienced Neurosomatic Therapy with Alyson yesterday and I can’t believe how quickly she was able to get to the bottom of the pain! She provided me with answers to the cause of hip pain that I have been living with for YEARS!

I have seen so many different professionals but nothing lasted. Doctors were even wanting to refer me to see specialists for PRP injections and even possibly looking at seeing a surgeon. All things that I didn’t even want to speak into existence, thinking I am way to young for this, there has to be a better answer.

Yesterday, those answers were finally found and I actually had a night without jolting electric cramps going down the leg, something that had been growing worse and worse to the point that I was kept up at night tossing and turning because the hip pain was so bad. I was becoming very worried that I may no longer be able to do what I love so dearly when the hip started to bother me during the day while seeing clients. It was time to finally get myself on Alyson’s schedule.

Alyson started with a full posture assessment and then followed it up with specific targeted work that focused on what she found during the assessment. She was through in the session and even gave me some things to start doing at home to help relieve the gnawing pain that makes me so uncomfortable at night and into the day.

I 100% recommend Alyson if you are looking for a deeper understanding of what has been the root cause of your pain so you too can start the road to healing!

~ Chanelle Sipp, Owner and LMT

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