Self-Care Series: Dural Tube Release

dural tube release

Our dural tube can be found within our spine, housing our brain and nerve.

The main function is to keep a constant supply of fresh nutrients and hydration to the nerve chain and brain.

Like our car engine, these nerves can get “gunk” that cakes the opening where the nerves leave the safety of the dural tube. You can even find a twist within the dural tube (pictured below). Just like changing our car’s oil, this release frees up the “clogged and gunky areas” along the nerve chain as well as helps untwist the dural tube.

The dural tube surrounds our brains, runs through the opening within our vertebrae, and ends at the sacrum. Note the twist in the dural tube on the left.

Find yourself in a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed, play some relaxing music, and find your center while sitting in a chair with your spine straight (vertebra stacked on top of the other). It is important that you are comfortable. Be mindful of keeping your spine straight throughout the winter release. Begin to relax the body by bringing your awareness to your breath. Slowly breathe in while expanding the belly, followed by a slow release while bringing the belly inward. With each exhale, give yourself permission to soften. Do this for a few cycles of breath or until you feel calm and relaxed.

Now, imagine there is a string attached to the crown of your head going directly to the heavens. Feel a gentle pull on the string, elongating the spine, and stop when you feel a barrier. It will feel like your head can no long keep going up.

When you start to feel the barrier, soften and let go. Again, pull on the string a little bit more until you feel barrier. Keep this process going until you feel the softening reach your sacrum. This takes a while, so be patient and be sure you are in a comfortable position to get the most out of this release. It is important to keep your awareness on the release and how it feels within the body.

Try to connect with your tissues and feel where those tensions branch out within the body. When something causes you too much pain and you feel like it is important for you to stop, then STOP. But, if you are able to breathe through the pain, continue the release.

Let go of control and allow your body to process the release. If you feel your head, or a different part of your body start to move, let it! This is part of the body’s way of releasing the memory stored deep within the tissue. The more you can keep your awareness on the release, soften your body, and let go, you will find that you can fall further into the release. This, as well as many other releases, will help bring a closer connection to you and your body. Our bodies have quite a bit to say, you will be absolutely amazed what will happen if you are quiet long enough to listen!


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