Chanelle first answered her calling to massage when she was very young. As a girl, her mother used ask her to work on her neck and back. She would do foot massages at family events, and even family pets would jump for the opportunity to receive her healing touch. Chanelle opened Shiva’s Massage in 2016 as just a solo massage therapist wanting to help people with their pain, all while gaining her independence to freely learn whatever she wanted–something she was never able to do at any other establishment. Practicing since January 2006, Chanelle has worked at small local spas, chiropractors, and resort spas. She has transitioned from doing manual hands on massage work to specializing in Advanced Cupping Therapy Techniques, Breathwork Healing and Biofield Tuning. Throughout her career as a massage therapist, she has experience working with professional athletes, celebrities, world travelers and on private islands and yachts. Articles have even been written in popular travel magazines about her “octopus hands.” Her intuitive nature and knowledge of the body shines through her ability to help with sciatic pain, migraine headaches, hip pain, and neck pain.