Sarintip originally from Thailand, blends many techniques both from east and west to target her client’s areas of pain. In her sessions, she uses traditional Thai massage as well as other various stretching techniques along side, lymphatic drainage, cupping, hot, cold, and Himalayan stones. She also incorporates a RAD roller to loosen adhesions stuck deep in the muscles. Sarintip specializes in targeting head, neck, shoulder tightness to reduce headaches and migraines. She also incorporates techniques to reduce leg, hip, and lower back pain. Sarintip’s goal is to help each of her client’s feel better after their session.

Sarintip blends numerous techniques from cupping, Thai stretching, lymphatic drainage, and various other therapeutic and myofascial techniques that loosen tightness stuck deep in the hips and shoulders. Her neck work is fabulous at reducing headaches and migraines.