Your soul healing journey with Sharon will begin with a white sage aura clearing in order to remove negative energy in and around your aura as well as bring back all of the rich vibrant colors and positive energy into your space allowing positive energy to be drawn to you. Your journey continues with an intentional guided meditation to further relax your mind and your body, and to set your chakras to allow your intention to become a reality and allow your mind and body to relax with perfect freedom in all space and time. Next, Sharon releases the power of Reiki in order to cleanse and balance the chakra system. Designed for your own personal needs, this intentional guided reset allows for healing of mind, body and soul allowing physical, emotional and mental reset and healing. Continuing even deeper into your journey, we welcome sound healing therapy as a way to further your relaxation, opening you to receive vibrations that will promote resonation on a much higher and deeper level. One last blessing of Reiki will close your session allowing your intentions to be set within yourself and released into the universe in order for you to receive it as a gift.

This session is performed fully clothed.